Pasar Kopi (Coffee Market) Trade Expo Indonesia 2017

Tangerang, Banten — Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia once again held Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2017 at International Convention Exhibition Bumi Serpong Damai (ICE-BSD), Tangerang, Banten. SCOPI livened up the annual international B2B-focused tradeshow showing a variety of Indonesian export products and services. In five days, from 11 to 15 October of 2017, claiming the success of “Pasar Kopi” or Coffee Market as unique area hosted by coffee farmers from several coffee producing regions in the country.

This year’s Pasar Kopi organised by SCOPI invited 16 farmer groups originated from 5 provinces in Indonesia to market or sell their green coffee and learn to interact directly with consumers. Several international buyers were actively engaged and negotiated are from Italy, Egypt, Pakistan and Netherland. Most of the local buyers are roasters, coffee shops or cafés and local exporters.

1,175 kilograms of Arabica coffee and 706 kilograms of Robusta coffee are sold during the five days event. Total value reached around 170 million rupiahs. Sinergi Kayo coffee from Jambi sold the most, followed by Ijen Raung coffee from East Java.

Besides facilitating interaction between farmer groups with national coffee stakeholders, there are several other events held in the Pasar Kopi area. There are roasting demonstration, coffee cuping and brewing. Culinary fair and talkshow titled “Coffee for Health” were also livened up SCOPI’s Pasar Kopi at TEI 2017.

Coffee roasting demonstration conducted by Harwoto from Anomali Coffee. Cupping session held on the second to the last day of TEI 2017 (October 12-15, 2017) involving a Q Grader, Mimi Alawiyah, from Anomali Coffee. Mimi gave some basic knowledge to observe coffee notes and taste to 32 participants and all the visitors of Pasar Kopi. It is estimated that 500 cups of coffee were served during the event from the Coffee Brewing Practice Demonstration facilitated by ABCD School of Coffee.


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