Cooperation Meeting of SCOPI and Local Governments — Actualizing Public Private Partnership

On 27th of October 2018, SCOPI (Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia) initiated a cooperation meeting with the Local Governments during Trade Expo Exhibition Indonesia 2018. This gathering was held to further discussed about building synergies in the development of sustainable coffee farming. These efforts were deemed necessary to improve the agricultural productivity so that more coffee farmers are involved and receive benefits from programs that have been and are being built so far, which can encourage the sustainability of coffee plantations.

SCOPI has implemented their strategies to visualize this mission, such as by facilitating market access for coffee farmers and its subgroups through their involvement in trade exhibitions. Aside from this, SCOPI also focuses to improve the quality and knowledge of its Master Trainers through the establishment of National Sustainability Curriculum that each trainer has to excel. This curriculum is being utilized as a guide to train local farmers so that they can increase the crop productivity and standards. So far, there are 190 Master Trainers from 15 provinces in Indonesia that have successfully completed the ToT (Training of Trainers) programs. These provinces are the ones who produce highest Robusta and Arabica coffee.

Through building a solid Public Private Partnership with the Local Governments, SCOPI aims to increase the economic opportunities for coffee farmers and enhancing environmental sustainability specializing in coffee agriculture.


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