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Bondowoso Regent: Bondowoso’s Coffee Farmers Have to Be More Creative

“Bondowoso regent Amin Said Husni, he just turned challenges into opportunities. Very impressive,” compliment Bambang during his opening speech at 2nd Nusantara Coffee Festival in the Ki Bagus Asra town square of Bondowoso, Friday (25/8/2017).

He also added that by building the coffee cluster, Regent Amin, has succeeded in improving the quality of Bondowoso coffee. The coffee now has gained more popularity, not only in the country but also for export market.

“Through collaboration with other parties, especially ICCRI as a tutor, now local farmers are able to bring Bondowoso coffee to the national, or even international, market,” he said.

Next, Regent Amin Said Husni wanted to invite all the coffee stakeholders in Bondowoso to be more creative, innovative and productive, so that Bondowoso can serve its country with a high quality coffee.

“I am really grateful that Bondowoso can produce the best coffee in Indonesia,” he said.

During the event, Regent Amin invited the Director General of Crops, Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Indonesia, Bambang, to go around and enjoy several local Arabica coffee served in the Nusantara Coffee Festival.

Also attending the event, Forkopimda (Forum Koordinasi Pimpinan Daerah, Regional Leadership Communication Forum), SCOPI’s Executive Director Veronica Herlina, ICCRI’s director Musnawi, Barista from Strada Cafe Evanie Jesselyn, and local coffee farmers.




Source published in Bahasa Indonesia: “Bupati Bondowoso: Petani Kopi di Bondowoso Harus Lebih Kreatif” written by Aminatus Sofya. Published by Times Indonesia on 25 Agustus 2018 (!-_-)


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