Detik Finance, Jakarta -Today in the 30th Trade Expo Indonesia, the Ambassador of New Zealand Trevor Metheson became an impromptu barista with the Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia (SCOPI) located in Hall C3 JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta. Trevor became an impromptu barista in order to collect donations that will be used to help empower coffee farmers

read more, Jakarta – The Ambassador of New Zealand in Indonesia, Traver Matherson joined coffee cupping and brewing activities in Hall C JIExpo Kemayoran on Saturday 24th October at the 2015 Indonesian Trade Expo which took place from the 21st to 25th October 2015. During the event the Ambassador, Matheson, enthusiastically sampled many varieties of coffees, such

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Detik Finance, Jakarta – What flavour is noticed when sipping a cup of pure coffee? The bitter, sweet and sour mix is sometimes hard to describe. Character descriptions of coffee flavours are very diverse and this is precisely why coffee has such a high price. To determine the quality of coffee by taste, an expert coffee

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SCOPI expected to address Indonesian coffee quality issues., Jakarta — Indonesia Coffee Exporters Association (ICEA) complain about the declining exportable high quality coffee being produced or processed in the country. Thus, the exporters have been gaining lower investment value in the last few years. ICEA records export value of both Indonesian Robusta

read more, Jakarta– Although famous by its Robusta Coffee, but it turns out that Arabica coffee originated from Indonesia attracts more coffee enthusiasts from Europe. Stated by Ted van der Put, Program Director of IDH-the Sustainable Trade Initiative of the Netherlands, that the coffee from Indonesia, especially the Arabica species, favored by the world market, not

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