Focus Guideline through ToC – Theory of Change – SCOPI

Focus Guideline through ToC – Theory of Change

Since the establishment on March 31, 2015, SCOPI (Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia) has been implementing various kinds of programs including the National Sustainable Curriculum of Coffee to support the sustainability and well-being of coffee farmers, especially in 15 coffee-producing provinces in Indonesia.

In order to support and strengthen the organization’s operational, SCOPI created the ToC as guide to implementing its programs, to make the targets clearer, directed and measurable. The TOC will help determining steps, efforts needed in order to support the success of a program or  which programs needed to be focused on for the short and long term targets of SCOPI. TOC will also function to measure where SCOPI is against the visions and missions.

The ToC is the result of workshops held three times by involving stakeholders represented by the Board members and there was a presentation from SCOPI secretariat before all  SCOPI Members in the “Annual Member Work Meetings”.

This stakeholder involvement is very important to provide inputs and recommendations in determining the strategy or roadmap for SCOPI 2018-2021. SCOPI will take a more strategic role which functioning as  Convener, Enabler, and Knowledge Management to produce and disseminate information and coffee activities in Indonesia.

The more strategic role of SCOPI is expected to be able to optimize the implementation of the NSC through increasing MT capacity, and facilitating farmers more intensively in order for them to gain more knowledge about sustainable coffee, thus opening the door to more opportunities and to be one step closer towards a better future for Indonesian coffee sector.


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