Eddy Purwanto (GKT ALS Lampung Barat)

Eddy Purwanto (GKT ALS Lampung Barat)


Eddy Purwanto was active as an LSM Komite Anti Korupsi (KoAK) Lampung from 2003 to 2010. He also contributed fully as an Activist Caring for Environment (Hutan Kemasyarakatan) from 1999 until now. His activist career was widespread, when he also decided to become a River Care Activist (FKKTHKm) in West Lampung area from 2003 to present.

He also now served as chairman of joint group of GKT Alam Lestari Sejahtera within the division of marketing, and partnered with PT Nestle Indonesia from 2001 until today while he also facilitated Lampung Level III / FASDA III Lampung with Sistem Kebersamaan Ekonomi Berbasis Manajemen Kemitraan (SKEBMK) starting from 2005. He is also a civil servant at the West Lampung Plantation Office from 1980 until this present day.


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