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Iyat Hamiyati

Iyat Hamiyati

Program Officer

Iyat Hamiyati graduate from IPB University as Magister Sains of Fishery and Marine, previously she worked as facilitator in several different regions in Indonesia as Program Officer at Pokja Papua from 2016-2018. One of her tasks was to provide training to Papuans indegenous tribe to integrate themselves to modern economy. Its main activity covered activity of Bina Petani Kopi Papua at 5 different Districts, namely Puncak Jaya, Jayawijayam Dogiyai, Deiyai, and Paniai.

She also worked at Destructive Fishing Watch in 2015-2016 as facilitator for Sekaya Maritim and PRAKARSA program that focuses on the development of Indonesia smallest outer islands. The work had awarded her as receiver of Australia Award Fellowship-Monash University with specific theme “Empowering Women for Sustainable Development of Indonesia’s Aquatic Living Resources”.

She is an active writer for both scientific journal and other kind of literature. One of her work titled “Biological reproduction aspects of jaguar guapote (Parachromis Managuensis) in Penjalin Reservoir Brebes-Central Java, Indonesia” was published in Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Science.



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