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Wildan Mustofa (Frinsa Agrolestari CV)

Wildan Mustofa (Frinsa Agrolestari CV)


Wildan Mustofa is the owner of CV. Frinsa Agrolestari, a company which focuses in the agricultural sector. He earned his bachelor degree of Geology from Bogor Agricultural Institute and also a master degree of Management from Padjajaran University.

He was also active as participant for some COTECA (Coffee, Tea, Cocoa Global Industry Expo) that was held in Hamburg in September 2016. Moreover, he was also contributing for MICE (The Melbourne International Coffee Expo) in March 2016. Wildan also won the competition at the National Coffee Competition with the achievement of the 1st Winner of Arabica Coffee Category with the name Klon Frinsa. In addition, he also reap the achievements as runner-up in the Coffee Auction "Indonesia, Portrait Country" in Atlanta, 2016.


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