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Ayi Sutedja (Kop. Murbeng Puntang)

Ayi Sutedja (Kop. Murbeng Puntang)


Ayi Sutedja, was born in Bandung, 12 January 1965. He studied Science Education at Pendidikan Luar Sekolah (PLS) IKIP, Bandung in 1984 and worked as an electrical engineer in Jakarta until 2011. Since 2011, he, along with a group of farmers Murbeng Puntang has been processing coffee on Mount Puntang and Mount Malabar, Bandung. It aims to preserve the forests on Mount Puntang and beyond.

His love for coffee is unconditional, given from the history of his dad who is also a coffee lover — he taught him so much about the beauty of arabica and robusta.

Ayi also works with coastal communities on peatlands and forest areas with Community Based Forest Management programs to manage the region and create sustainable agriculture systems.

Coffee can grow well in a variety of agroforestry systems, or in natural forests that can benefit ecosystems and social welfare. "Farming has become the root of our culture. Farming is not just a choice but a life opportunity.”


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