Bali Sustainable Coffee Forum for Disaster Recovery 2021

Hello #CoffeeWarriors! Here's an exciting news, this September started with SCOPI activities in Bali.

Since the pandemic entered Indonesia, Bali's economical sector which is heavily dependent on the tourism sector has been severely impacted. It has also impacted the coffee industry in Bali, especially for coffee farmers and actors in the Bali coffee sector. Furthermore, some areas in Bali are also prone to landslides disaster. This encourages the need for alignment of Government policies and resources, as well as embracing stakeholders to improve the sustainability of the local economy and mainstream the concept of Disaster Recovery Management to mitigate future threats. The National Disaster Recovery Agency (BNPB) has recommended the value chain approach for the coffee sector to foster land use management that can improve community livelihood, community's resilience towards disaster, as well as to mitigate natural disaster caused by hydrometrology. 

Therefore, @scopi_id with the support of SIAP SIAGA and in collaboration with @bnpb_indonesia and the Provincial Government had held the Bali Sustainable Coffee Forum for Disaster Recovery 2021 on 3 September 2021. The activity was held physically & virtually, with limited number of participants and implementation of strict health protocols. 

From this forum, the #CoffeeWarriors in Bali Province had been convened for the first time. Various inputs and insights have been gathered and will be delivered as recommendations for BNPB and Bali Provincial Government. Hopefully this activity will be continued through work collaborations for sustainable coffee in Bali. 

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