Purnama Graha

General Affairs & Operations Officer

Purnama Graha is an environmental activist in the field of conservation of Herpetofauna and applied meteorology alumni of the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). Purnama has three years of working experience prior of joining the SCOPI Secretariat. In 2018, he joined the Republic of Indonesia's Badan Restorasi Gambut (BRG), an ad-hoc agency formed by President Joko Widodo in 2016, as the staff of Deputy of Research and Development. In BRG, he was responsible for preparing the draft budget for official travel, preparing reports and coordinating with relevant Government agencies, universities, NGOs and community groups. Previously, Purnama worked as an Observer for Workload Analysis at PT. Angkasa Pura 2 (Persero), as a Tatabatas Surveyor at PT. Humus Benua Energi, and Surveyor Herpetofauna at the Center for the Reclamation of Mining Studies of IPB.

Purnama obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in IPB in the field of Applied Meteorology with additional specialization in Information Systems. In addition, Purnama had also been active in various student organizations such as the Student Activity Unit of the Fauna Conservation Union (UKF) IPB as the leader of the Herpetofauna Research Team at the UKF IPB Global Expedition in Ujung Kulon National Park - Banten (2014). He also acted as the Liason Officer to the Herpetofauna Research Team (2015-2017), Head of the Herpetofauna Research Team of the UKF IPB Boundary Expedition in Laut and Sekatung Islands, Ranai, Riau Islands (2015), Head of the Herpetofauna Division of the UKF IPB (2016), and the Chair of the New Member Diklatsar (Metamorphosis XV) of the UKF IPB (2016), Chair of the Business Funds Division at the UKF IPB activities. Additionally, Purnama was also the Chairperson of the IPB Oceanography Fieldtrip (2014), Herpetofauna presenters at Tarasalvia Nature School Activities (2016), Herpetofauna presenters in upgrading activities for the Indonesian Snake Foundation Sioux Foundation (2016), presenters of the Gibbon Research in IPB (2016).

Purnama enjoys travelling to various ecotourism places or National Parks. In addition to enjoy the landscape, Purnama loves to observe wildlife (especially the species of Herpetofauna). His other hobbies include automotive activities on Vespa two-wheeled vehicles.

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