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  • About: Training of Trainers
  • Date: 06 Sep 2022
  • Lokasi: Takengon

Activity Description

Takengon – Central Aceh, 04-06 September 2022 - The Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia (SCOPI) in collaboration with the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) initiated a Training of Trainers activity to recruit prospective extension officers for sustainable coffee sector or called Master Trainers (MT). The activity, carried out offline at Parkside Gayo Petro Takengon, is one of the programs in a series of collaborations between SCOPI and ITFC, namely the "Indonesia Coffee Export Development Program," with a focus on the districts of Central Aceh and Karo. This SCOPI-ITFC cooperation program has the main objective of increasing the quantity and quality of Indonesian coffee production sustainably by expanding the capacity development activities of MT and coffee farmers in implementing good agriculture and handling practices. 

The ToT was attended by 38 MT candidates who came from representatives of field agricultural extension officers, agronomist staff of private companies, NGOs, universities, and champion farmers who are committed to implementing empowerment and counseling to coffee farmers after participating in the ToT activities. The activity was opened on September 4, 2022, with remarks from Eman Wisnu Putra as the Executive Director of SCOPI. According to him, the ToT activity held in Aceh Tengah is an excellent opportunity for the hosts. It can be the initial basis for a massive movement in recruiting competent agricultural extension workers. Thus, improving the quality and quantity of Arabica coffee can be achieved, especially for the province of Aceh and North Sumatra, which are the largest producers of Arabica coffee in Indonesia.

SCOPI is also grateful for the main contribution from ITFC, along with the support from various multi-stakeholders such as the Aceh Provincial Government, Central Aceh District Government, Karo District Government, Global Coffee Platform and contributions from PMO Kopi Nusantara, Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company and Pupuk Iskandar Muda

While Ir. Nasrun Liwanza MM as the Head of the Agriculture Service of Aceh Tengah Regency expressed his happiness because Aceh Tengah received the trust of SCOPI to host the Training of Trainers National Curriculum of Sustainable Coffee because the productivity was not optimal in Aceh Tengah. The official activity was opened symbolically by giving MT packages to ToT participants.

Dr. Ir. Retno Hulupi, the Grand Master Trainer (GMT) of SCOPI, was present and explained the material for GAP part 1 of the National Curriculum and the GAP-Postharvest Module. In this training session, Dr. Retno emphasized topics such as land preparation, planting of shade, selection of planting materials/suggested varieties, seeding, and planting, maintenance of unproductive plants, trimming, shade management, and making and filling infiltration holes with compost/manure.

Continuing Mrs. Retno's presentation regarding the GAP Part 2 material, Mr. Bambang Haryanto, S.P, M.Si continued with the topics of fertilization, organic fertilizer production, pruning, maintenance of productive plants, rejuvenation, grafting, and integrated pest and weed control.

Topics related to harvesting and post-harvest management of Sustainable Arabica Coffee: processing, drying, sorting, storage & simple taste test practices were presented by Ir. Cahya Ismayadi, M.Sc. This training emphasizes that processing errors in the upstream sector cannot be corrected in the downstream industry (irreversible process). In addition, processing errors in the upstream sector can cause physical defects and cause the taste quality to be not optimal.

The ToT activity was continued with field practice at Extension Office of Bies, as well as post-harvest processing of Arabica coffee which was carried out during the second day of the ToT activity. Before closing, ToT participants made a follow-up plan as material to verify participants' understanding during the training and become a reference for participants in carrying out their functions as Master Trainers.